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Weight-free exercises and muscle growth

For sets with your own weight, you don't need a group gym can create a beautiful relief at home and without special equipment. If you can't go to the fitness center regularly, train yourself-such classes will definitely benefit. You won't get a bodybuilder's body, but the muscles will start to stand out if the loads are regular.

For the growth of muscle groups, rest is mandatory, so you should not train every day-no one forbade taking breaks between workouts. The body will have time to recover, which will have a positive impact on the progress of sports and well-being.

Bodyweight exercises as a warm-up

5 minutes of jogging, joint sets, and then exercises with your own weight in a light style will be the best option before a group session in the gym. As bodyweight exercises, push-ups and deep squats with a wide leg position are ideal for warming up-they will prepare the upper and lower body for the load.

Bodyweight exercises for the back

You can make a beautiful back with your own weight with the help of Pull-Ups. There are many types of exercises, so it is easy to choose the best one based on training.

Bodyweight exercises for the triceps

You can pump your triceps by modifying traditional push-ups from the floor-the narrow arm position in this exercise perfectly engages the muscle. the same applies to push-ups on uneven bars. Reverse push-ups from the bench are also effective.

Bodyweight exercises for biceps

Pull up on a horizontal bar with a narrow reverse grip to gain biceps muscle mass. The main thing is to include the exercise in each workout.

Shoulder bodyweight exercises

The deltoid muscles are responsible for pumping the shoulders, which are involved in the performance of:

  • push-ups "house" (in the bend of the body at an angle, to increase the load, you can raise your legs);
  • lifting the body with the arms spread out to the sides from the floor by the force of the rear deltas;
  • push-ups with the elbows apart from the low crossbar;
  • pull-ups to a low horizontal bar with your elbows apart;
  • pull-ups with a wide grip on the head;
  • exercises "boat" (pumping the body from side to side on weight).

Bodyweight exercises for the press

It's easy to train your abs at home. This will help:

  • lifting your legs from a prone position;
  • exercises " bicycle "and"scissors";
  • body flexion lying down and lying down with rotation;
  • double and side twists.

Breeding dumbbells lying down. Medications for frail breasts

Breeding dumbbells in the supine position works out the pectoral muscles in isolation and improves the contour of the chest, forms the correct posture. Dumbbells at home can be replaced with water bottles-the effectiveness of the exercise will not suffer from this.

Goblet-squats. Unusual leg exercise

When performing goblet squats, hold a dumbbell or water bottle with both hands in front of you, lowering yourself into a traditional squat. This exercise works out all the muscles of the lower body, additionally involves the hands.

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